Major upsets create ‘World Cup confusion’


photo or infographic by Raphael Mendez

WORLD CUP. WIth many of the favorites knocked out of the competition, the World Cup Championship may go to an underdog.

Shoot. Score. Upset.

The world cup has begun, and there’s another year of drama and controversy. Major upsets in the round of 16 leaving Spain, Germany, USA out of the next round of quarter-finals. Leaving only eight teams left in the quarterfinals with favorites like England, Portugal, France, Brazil and Argentina. Leaving the rest of the teams like Morocco that was the first African nation to qualify for the knockout stage of the world cup since 1986. 

Morocco made history on Tuesday beating Spain, a country who has won the World Cup trophy once in 2010. However Morocco defeated this veteran squad in a penalty shootout 3-0. Giving an upset of the country leaving everyone watching in awe as we witnessed a historical moment for the Morocco fans. All the children watching their idols reach the quarter-finals giving their country hope and faith for winning the World Cup. 

The next match for Morocco will be an extremely difficult one, as they’re going against one of the greatest players to ever play the game. Cristiano Ronaldo who has led Portugal time and time again is now facing Morocco in the quarter finals to advance to the semi finals. 

Another major upset that has left the world in shock, is Germany being knocked out of group stages by Japan. No one ever expected the Blue Samurai to defeat the 2014 World Cup winners.  

Although the Blue Samurai lost against Croatia, a country who has reached the finals against France in 2018 but was ultimately defeated. It was a heartbreaking defeat for Japan leaving the whole stadium of fans in tears, Croatia defeated them in a penalty shootout 3-1.   

This World Cup has never left this many people in confusion on who is going to win the World Cup, although there are major favorites left. On Saturday we will see two major favorites go against each to advance to the semi-finals and hopefully the finals.  

England versus France is one of the most hyped up match ups in world history, as Mbappe a 23 year old who is being considered the best youngster in the world filled with a squad full of world class ballers. On the other hand England has pure and raw talent filled with veterans who are well experienced that can handle the pressure. Composure is a major part of playing in an important game like this one. 

The final is on the 18th of December on a Sunday. This World Cup final cannot be guessed or predicted. That’s the beauty of the game called football, you never know what can happen.