Hulu docuseries explores dark backstory of America’s ‘cuffs and collar’ clad dancers


photo or infographic by courtesy of Hulu

WELCOME TO CHIPPENDALES. The Hulu original series digs deep into the creation and downfall of the dancers.

Most have heard of exotic male dancing, but they are often unaware of its origins. What began as a luxurious backgammon club eventually became what is best known as Chippendales, a pioneer in classy sexualization. For the past 9 weeks, Hulu has released episodes of a drama series titled “Welcome to Chippendales.” This series served as an entertaining look back at the Chippendales company and the journey Steve Bannerjee took to make a name for himself and his corporation. 

The story opens with Bannerjee (Kumail Nanjiani) quitting his job at a gas station to start a private backgammon club, motivated by the desire to transform into a man modeled after his his idols: Hugh Heffner, Calvin Klein and other high society playboys. After two months of little to no business, Bannerjee sought help from one of his clients who was dating a playboy bunny at the time to come up with a new idea for the club. Eventually, the duo opens up the first rendition of Chippendales finding immediate success. All of this happens in just the first episode. The rest of the series highlights the struggles that come with being an Indian business owner in America. It also draws focus toward the criminal decisions Banerjee makes while trying to keep Chippendales at the top.

‘Welcome to Chippendales’ should be watched by anyone who enjoys an interesting docu-series and a nice view of glistening muscles and dancing.

— Stone Chapman

“Welcome to Chippendales” is jam-packed with the beautiful dramatization of Bannerjee’s life. Hulu made an excellent decision when they ran with this idea. Watching the series not only informs viewers of the creation of Chippendales, but entertains them with white-collar crime, undercover jobs, corrupt business deals and murder. “Welcome to Chippendales” should be watched by anyone who enjoys an interesting docuseries and a nice view of glistening muscles and dancing.