STUCO giving grand tour this week

Eighth grade day trip taking place Jan. 11-12


photo or infographic by John Gaspard

WELCOME TO WHS. During last year’s eighth grade tours, senior Janice Talley shows her group the ins and outs of the CTE center. The tours allow the future high school students to discover different topics of interest while also getting an idea of where their classes will take place.

A much bigger school than the last one, how will an incoming freshman learn to get around? Clubs and activities that go on for days, which ones spark the most interest? Lucky for the eighth graders, the Student Council is there to show them around before they must make their schedule choices for next year. 

On January 11 and 12, eighth graders will come from both Brabham and Lynn Lucas to be given a tour of the high school that they will be attending the following school year. The tours will be given by the numerous different Student Council representatives.

“We should expect a lot of exciting faces,” senior Charissa Miles-Aybar said. “They can find clubs and classes that they are interested in as well.”

The tour will consist of showing future freshmen the ways around the main campus as well as the CTE center.

“We will be leading people around the school including the CTE center,” senior Jessica Holliday said. “ There will be approximately 600 kids coming to receive the grand tour.”

During their tour of the high school campus, numerous different clubs and activities will be on display in the purple gym.

“The gym offers a lot of opportunities to see what Willis is all about,” Holliday said.

Having students that can show incoming students around is very important because of the new, much larger environment they will be entering.

“I feel like this eighth grade tour will show the excitement that comes with high school,” Miles-Aybar said. “The tours and the presentations that we have to offer will make them excited.”