Track meeting kicks off season, practice


photo or infographic by Hannah Hartman in Canva

RUN FAST AND TURN LEFT. Athletes interested in track and field need to contact any of the coaches for more info.

The joke is all you need to know to be successful in track is to run fast and turn left. The truth is the sport is much more complicated. Tryouts for the track and field team began Monday,  Jan. 9 at 3:15 p.m. in the LGI. Practice will start after the tryouts.

Student athletes who are getting ready to try out will need proper running shoes, appropriate workout clothes, a physical on file and all Rank One documents completely filled out. 

Coming prepared and producing a strong asset to this years’ track team is essential for a young athlete’s opportunity to represent not only themselves but their team and school. 

“If any student athletes are stressing about this upcoming event, all they need to remain prepared for Monday is a workout plan to remain in shape and ready to go for the season, well balanced meals to remain strong and healthy, and remaining hydrated as this season’s heat comes rolling in,” Coach Evans said. “These tryouts will consist of trials to further determine who is going to be a potential sub varsity or varsity athlete.” 

Remaining focused on putting in the work to become better throughout the season will allow opportunities to arise for this track season. 

“We are looking for students who represent themselves and Willis in a positive manner,” Coach Vaughn said. “We are expecting our Wildkats to compete and perform to their fullest potential . We want to have peak performances as we enter the district competition and beyond.” 

The Coaches are prepared to find fresh talent coming in along with their strong returners to set the pace for this season. Being a coachable athlete is essential within any sport a young athlete is competing in. It brings team morale, better hustle, tougher training, and victories to the team. So if you’re a young student athlete looking to try out for the track team this season here’s everything you need to show up prepared and expand your opportunities.