January dress up days honor spring sports, musical


photo or infographic by Emily Meachen

SO MUCH FUN. Five days of fun have been added to the calendar to honor spring sports and the musical.

The construction workers dressed in orange and yellow jackets who have been repairing the roof for months will have some competition today as students wear reflective vests and construction gear in the halls as the January dress up days kick off with construction day. Five dress up days have been announced for January starting today. The days will honor spring sports, the spring pep rally and the upcoming musical. 

“We need to celebrate the other sports,” sophomore Jocy Villanueva said. “Pep rallies are fun. I love the class chants because I love to yell.”

The dress up days are starting with honoring the basketball games against Conroe on Saturday. The Tigers are big district rivals for both teams, so Friday is themed after construction because Conroe is always under construction.

“I like to scream at the opposing team,” sophomore Koby Tobeart said. “Willis and Conroe have such a rivalry because all of us know each other, so you have to be competitive.”

Thursday, January 19th is the send off for swim and dive for their District meet January 20th and 21st. It is going to be a day to dive into school with anything but a backpack. This day has been what all the rage is about.

“They’re all good but probably anything but a backpack day,” freshmen Levi Risner said. “ It’s a fun day that allows kids to be free and pick what to bring. It also adds to the experience of high school.”

 The spirit day was very popular last year and on social media. Creativity is a must when students plan a way to bring their books without the normal backpack. 

“I am bringing one of my sister’s toys,” freshman Kaylen Stuart said. “I am not sure which one, but it will be funny. The day is so funny with people making TikToks and posting videos.”

A spring sports pep rally will be held next Friday. It will feature sports and activities not honored in the fall pep rallies.

“It is a really good idea to have a pep rally right now,” sophomore Mia Stuebbs said. “They are fun and the other sports need recognition too.”

It is a really good idea to have a pep rally right now. They are fun and the other sports need recognition too.

— Mia Stuebbs

Friday is also dress up like a soccer mom or coach dad day honoring the soccer teams. 

“My favorite day is soccer mom vs coach dad,” sophomore Garrett Ash said. “I like to watch soccer.” 

Fine Arts will not be left out of the recognition. The Friday of the musical Big Fish’s opening night, the school will be encouraged to dress in the fashion of past decades. “Big Fish” features flashbacks to many past decades. 

“I cannot wait for the musical,” sophomore Sapphire Sparka said. “I love the teachers in charge of the musical and I have a lot of friends in it.”

Despite the excitement of spirit days, there are some staff members who will not be participating in the fun.

“I don’t like spirit days,” Colonel Vincent Jefferson said. “It gives kids the opportunity to abuse the dress code.”

Country versus country club is easy for many students to accomplish. The dress up day is Thursday, Jan. 26 to honor the tennis team as they head to a two-day tournament. 

“My favorite day would be country vs. country club,” senior Joshua Baldwin said. “I already dress in country attire. I like dressing with a nice button up shirt, starched pants and freshly shined boots.”