New year, new opportunities

Resolutions provide way to positively improve


photo or infographic by Jason Clark

NEW YEAR, NEW EFFORT. With the calendar now saying 2023, many students are contemplating a resolution.

Out with the old in with the new. For many the start of the new year is a time to remake oneself into a better version of themselves and, encouraged by the tradition of new year resolutions, they attempt to do just that.

With the month of January coming to an end, the time to make new year’s resolutions is now.

Waking up in the morning and taking steps to grow as a person is oftentimes the first step towards positive change in life, a change helped along by new year’s resolutions.

“One of my new year’s resolutions was to not overwork myself this year, and I have stuck with it,” junior Samantha Sullivan said.

That’s not to say change is easy, however. Habits are notoriously hard to break and it can feel difficult to change at first.

“Because I’m so used to overworking myself I feel like I’m not doing enough, and I feel the need to do more but then that goes against my resolution,” Sullivan said.

Many new year’s resolutions are aimed at interacting with their peers in a more healthy and positive way.

“My New Year’s resolution was to be more empathetic,” junior Mia Arrington. “I don’t think I fully took into consideration that people could be going through something. So my New Year’s resolution was to be more empathetic and thoughtful.”

Other resolutions are focused on helping oneself, whether that be the taking up of a new activity like exercise or photography, or removing negative influences from day to day life.

“My new year’s resolution was not to waste my energy on people who drain it,” sophomore Bella Melin said. “It’s been easier because I had already distanced myself from people who weren’t good for me, but like I still want to help people even if they’re not good to me.”

Some people don’t make resolutions at all and instead choose to focus on change whenever the need arises. Whether you believe in new year’s resolutions or not, the need for change is a part of human nature and is always able to be pursued, whether it’s January 1st or December 31st.

“I’ve never seen new year’s resolutions as important,” senior Briley Tucker said. “If I feel like I need to change something, I start immediately.”