Looking back on top searches of 2022


photo or infographic by courtesy of Google

TOP SEARCHES. Search engine google created a video highlighting the top searches of the year. Link is in the story.

Search engines are used every day for any sort of problem that needs to be solved. 

In 2022, this was no different, the top most searched terms were Wordle, Johnny Depp and countless brand names commonly used. These terms have many considering why these would be so common.

Some look back to big events commonly searched last year with contempt.

“Thought it was weird how such like a private and like terrible matter was made so public and kind of glamorized like it’s such like a terrible topic to like become public, and since he was two celebrity figures talking about their own like domestic violence and like their own abuses,” senior Kolby Sebastian said. “It just got blown out of proportion and people who don’t have any opinion on the matter or any power to dictate what they should or shouldn’t have done in that courtroom got too much power to like, share their own opinions and affect the case.”

Not all of those popular terms were controversial or bad, as some have fond memories of them.

“I really enjoyed it. I think I’ve contributed to that because me and Jolie Boyd – we have wordle competitions in anatomy,” senior Abby Taylor said. “We try to see who can solve it first. We get lost in it every day.”

While many events no one saw coming, others always dominate the search bar every year. 

“Yeah, so I’m not at all surprised it was mostly name brands because everyone was really freaking out over a lot of things coming out, especially things by like Apple or car companies,” junior Spencer Bright said. “I think there’s a couple of really big things that came out. It just makes sense to me it’s like, oh yeah, everyone was like looking it up everyone’s trying to find it. So it’s going to be one of the top searches.”

It’s always interesting to speculate what your own top search would look like, after a whole year of internet searching. Search engine Google published a video highlighting the top searches of the year. 

“My most searched thing of 2022 was the weather because I like knowing what my day is going to be like and what it holds for me,” junior Marcus Shumake said. “The weather gives me an insight on what that will be, you know be sunny or raining, or you know, snowing if ever. I just like seeing what’s next for me.”