Big commitment equals big reward

Deadline for cosmetology program Monday


photo or infographic by Blaine Eckert

WATCH AND LEARN. During an advanced cosmetology class senior Emma Atkinson learns from instructor Carla Hernandez.

Hair cut, color and style. Pedis and manis. Makeup. Skin care. Facials. 

Cosmetology is much more than hair. The students involved in the classes are learning to be artists and craftsmen. They are prepping for their career. They are planning for their lives after high school.

Applications are due Monday for those students wanting to take cosmetology next year.

“Currently the deadline to put in an application is January 31st,” cosmetology teacher Carla Hernandez said.  “But we might extend it if there are some types of circumstances.”

Applications are available now in each students’ counselor’s center. There are a series of steps from the application to cutting and stylizing hair. 

“You have to fill out an application your freshman year,” senior Takyah Mathis said. “The teachers will go through it and pick who they feel like actually wants to be in the class.”

If a student is chosen, they will  start sophomore year in Intro to Cosmetology where you will learn how to do bookwork, nails and facials. Students who are interested in taking the state board exams and becoming licensed cosmetologist will continue throughout high school. 

“We study kind of the basics,” senior Alyssa Lovejoy said. “You start hands-on in Cosmo 1 and then in Cosmo 2, it’s more hands-on like more advanced learning.”

In Cosmetology 2, the students are studying hard for the state board exams; the school pays for your first attempt exams. Cosmetology is a big commitment but has a big reward.

“When I look at my future, I think about how successful I’m going to be,” junior Julia Warren said. “This is the hard part, but once I get past it I’ll start making money and be on a good path. I will keep pushing myself until I pass the finish line.”

Students will learn a variety of skills over three years. It will all help them when taking the board exams and beyond. Many stydents are already making money while practicing their craft. 

“Probably lightning, like highlights and balayage, were my favorite to learn,” senior Cooper Rhodes said. “It’s like doing art on hair. Also I do a little gig where it’s like tinsel and feathering. Could you just throw it in there so I can get some customers?”