Dutch Bros add new options for drive-through coffee addicts


photo or infographic by Stone Chapman

BECAUSE OF YOU SINCE ‘92. The new Dutch Bros is open on 1097 in Willis. The company has been open since 1992 making drinks for all tastes.

The long-awaited launch of Dutch Bros, an Oregon-based coffee company, officially opened in Willis on Wednesday. Many people around Texas have yet to have the opportunity to taste the drinks served by the widely-praised shop. The franchise offered complimentary beverages to celebrate on Tuesday, and locals did not disappoint. Showing up by the dozen, cars filled the drive-thru and spilled out into the street to grab a free drink and learn more about the options available. 

Ranging from beverages like the caffeine-filled Rebel Energy Drink to flavorful smoothies, the menu provides diversity compared to other local coffee shops. In addition to the plethora of choices in drinks, they offer alternative milk options such as almond, coconut and oat. Those with restrictive diets, such as lactose intolerance, can find a haven here. 

Located off West Montgomery Street, the new Dutch Bros is stationed in a prime area, surrounded by places like Sonic and Jack in the Box. Unlike most coffee shops, the customer’s experience is entirely outside. Like its neighbor, Sonic, the interior establishment is used solely by the baristas and staff. The ordering process happens using the drive-thru, and drinks are given to customers through the Ready Access window. 

The coffee joint launched its easy-to-maneuver app, Dutch Bros™, which provides an alternative to ordering, a contactless payment system and offers rewards to customers. When someone purchases a drink, they receive points that can be saved and used to receive a complimentary beverage.

The opening amassed great success as multitudes of people showed up in anticipation to have the Dutch Bros experience for themselves. So far, praise has been sung over the quality and taste of the drinks. Furthermore, the helpful and amiable staff adds even more to the enjoyable experience. The baristas surpass standards- from making conversation to being patient and accommodating toward customers, the excellence displayed sets the new coffee shop apart from the rest.