Students place in rodeo art show

BEST OF SHOW. The art by Ashlynn White featuring her grandfather was named Best of Show.

photo or infographic by Willis High School

BEST OF SHOW. The art by Ashlynn White featuring her grandfather was named Best of Show.

Cowboy boots. Cowboy hats. Wholesome artwork. Hours of a person’s life dedicated to one piece of artwork. The scent of barn all around. Students in art class had the opportunity to be a part of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Art Show.

Art students had about two months to come up with an idea and create their masterpiece. They were granted a plentiful amount of time to work on it in class and the students had a lot of freedom for what they would like to create.

Students feel incredibly grateful for the success they have received from the results of the art show.

“It feels great to know my artwork is being shown at the Houston art show and that Willis gave us this opportunity to show off our art,” junior Madalyn Gonzales said. “I’m really grateful that I have a wonderful art teacher who has been there for me throughout the whole process. The inspiration for my artwork is actually based off of one of the faculty’s horses, which I think is a rescue horse.”

Other students share how they’re proud of their improvement for this year’s competition.

“It feels pretty cool knowing that my artwork was showcased at the art show,” junior Ashlynn White said. “Last year I was a part of it, but I was only a finalist. It was better this year since I was placed in it. I drew a picture of my great grandfather, so that was my inspiration. I would encourage other artists to put their work out there and take the opportunities they get to their advantage.”

Although surprised by her results, other students also decided to base their artwork off of a family member, hoping to capture the perfect moment of innocence.

“I was surprised because I didn’t think that I was going to do well this year, but I ended up placing,” junior Heather Rodriguez said. “Last year I also did well, but this year I was happy to get a gold medal. My artwork was inspired by my niece and she likes a lot of stuffed animals, and I just wanted something wholesome for my choice of artwork.”