Spring pep rally highlights organizations across campus

Cheering, chanting and collectively clapping are to be expected at any pep rally, but at a Wildkat pep rally, the excitement is much more meaningful by including every niche group the school has to offer. 

Wildkats celebrated the spring semester athletics and fine arts programs with a pep rally on Jan. 27 to showcase the efforts of certain organizations.

“I think pep rallies should definitely highlight the abilities of both the school’s fine arts and athletic sides,” junior Haley Truett said. “I am delighted that the music got to show off one of their scenes, the performance gave e a good idea of the musical and intrigued me.”

Pep rallies give students a chance to be entertained by cheerleaders and dancers. Wildkats signed up to attend to witness the glory of the arts.

“My favorite part of the pep rally is always the performance of the Sweethearts,” junior Katie Chrisner said. “It is so cool to watch them dance and do epic flips. I know that they work hard to be noticed around campus.”

Out of all those that attend pep rallies, a majority appreciate the celebration of each athletic team. 

“Hands down the best part of any pep rally is when each sport gets called out and runs through the middle of all the cheerleaders,” junior Reagan Marburger said. “I love seeing all of the different sports get represented individually and they each get their moment to shine. There should be more pep rallies because everyone deserves to be celebrated.”

The main theme of every pep rally is to highlight the significance of every department. Wildkats want to see musical scenes, dance teams and athletic associations.

“A perfect pep rally would have more representation of like every group of students,” senior Saoirse Gallagher said. “The athletics department is very involved in our school, but so are fine arts kids, mathletes and UIL speakers. I think every student deserves to have representation, it would build a tighter relationship between Wildkats.”