Drug bust serves as step in right direction


photo or infographic by WHS administration

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Earlier this week Constable Philip Cash announced an arrest involving Willis High School students. According to the press release, law enforcement arrested two major suppliers who were caught with 245 grams of THC oil, $503 in US currency and also a 1911 firearm.

The Deputies of Precinct 1 have done Willis a favor of taking down major suppliers that destroys families with drugs in this community. This is a step in the right direction of getting rid of these illegal items.

Drugs are a problem on campus since the outbreak of these new devices called cake bars and Dab pens. They have made it more convenient for teenagers in school to use these thc devices to get high with THC. This is highly dangerous because these devices are mostly not authentic and does not contain real THC. Many cases around the USA have experienced issues with these devices. The fake THC substances that can cause death and cancer. When caught with these items, a students could also face criminal charges and risk being incarcerated for years.

The school has tried many solutions to eradicate this problem by implementing teachers on duty during passing periods and placing student limits on the restroom. School is not the place for these types of items. THC pens have hurt many students lives by getting them addicted to THC pens.  School is for learning and preparing for the future – not getting high. The constables have taken down a major supplier for those influenced by this drug, keeping our restrooms and hallways clean from drugs.

The education system across the nation is being affected by this massive outbreak leading to students failing classes, skipping and dropping out. All because of a drug that in the long run hurts your lungs, also as a teenager that has yet been through all the stages of puberty THC can affect the growth of the brain. Continuing down this path of smoking and dealing will only lead to the streets instead of being grateful for the education that is offered. Teenagers do not realize the potential they all have in themselves ruining their life over a drug that does nothing to help them.

Drug dealing or smoking all leads to the same two paths of life: death or incarceration. The school and law enforcement should continue to work together to make more steps to keep these items out of the school.