‘Just Friends’ tells great love story by providing lots of laughs


photo or infographic by New Line Cinema

HE LOVES HER. SHE LOVES HIM NOT. Need a great love story for Valentine’s Day? Just Friends is a good throw back for Feb. 14.

The 2005 film “Just Friends” directed by Roger Kumble is a romance and comedy film. The  movie is inspired by an experience one of the writers went through when he experienced the friend zone. The movie revolves around Chris (Ryan Reynolds) and Jamie (Amy Smart).

The movie starts out with both Chris and Jaime being best friends that had just graduated high school; however, Chris had incredibly strong feelings towards Jamie and had liked her for a long time. Jaimie was the popular girl that every guy dreamed of while Chris was seemingly overweight and odd. Jamie hosts a graduation party where Chris decides to make a confession by signing her yearbook. While he thinks he signed her yearbook, he signed his bully’s yearbook, causing his feelings to be exposed to everyone at the party. He ended up leaving upset and cutting off contact with everyone.

The setting of the movie fast forwards 10 or so years in the future. Chris now lives in Hollywood, and he works for a record label where he constantly works with the biggest pop stars. He also ended up losing a bunch of weight and became a very desirable man—even dating some of these pop stars.

He ends up returning to his hometown ironically due to flight complications with one of the stars he was working with only to find Jaime working at a restaurant he grew up going to. The two reconnect and Chris realizes he’s still not over her. He tries to impress her with his money and his success, but it’s not until Jaime and him have a falling out to where he realizes he lost himself. 

The movie is about the love story between the two best friends and how Chris finds himself again. This movie is a great movie for anyone who wants to share great laughs while also being able to watch a wholesome romance.