M&M spokescandies return after controversy causes upheaval in media


photo or infographic by Mars Incorporated

THEY’RE BACK. After a small break, the M&M spokescandies are back. A controversy over their new looks caused the company to retire the popular spokescandies until their rerelaese on Super Bowl Sunday.

Controversy. Disagreements. People debating over this and that. An icon being suddenly bombarded with hate. The media is in upheaval with the recent changes in shoes for the infamous green M&M and even the brown M&M.

The Super Bowl brought the official return of the M&M’S® spokescandies and the candy is continue to support its most recent initiative by supporting women, but this controversy just shows how people overreact to every little thing.

Instead of focusing on something so insignificant, such as how the green female M&M no longer wears heels, people should be focusing on more important issues in the world right now and focusing more on something that will benefit their future career and their dreams and goals. Complaining about a slight change in apparel of the spokes candy will not benefit a person in any way, if anything, it’ll only set someone back from achieving their full potential.

As M&M’s are a candy that people enjoy, they shouldn’t be sexualized by the media or by the people who pay attention to the media. Just because the green M&M wears sneakers now, doesn’t mean it has to have any special meaning that would cause controversy in a political view.

Although everyone has their own political views and their own personal opinion about certain lifestyles that some people tend to be more accepting of, that doesn’t mean that the changing of the green M&M’s shoes relates to her changing her lifestyle. Throughout the years, it has become more normal for women to wear sneakers, so it shouldn’t mean anything for her to change shoes.

M&Ms plans to increase grants offered to ch women committed to making change. The are jumping  from 10 to 20 $10,000 grants. According to their website  they are “putting the ‘fun’ in funding while increasing the opportunity for trailblazing women to champion a positive impact on society.” The winners will be announced in March.

People should just let go of the controversy because it will never be relevant in anyone’s life. Everyone should leave the M&M spokes candy alone and focus on things in their life that will further their goals.