Texas athletes at top of their game


photo or infographic by Reid Henderson

BATTLE OF TEXAS QUARTERBACKS. THe Super Bowl showcased two former Texas quarterbacks.

After 153 days of football season, all of the hard work, big plays, and bigger hits have all condensed into one greatly anticipated game, the Super Bowl. This game, watched by over 100 million people, will show two teams with many parallels on Sunday. 

The 14-3 Eagles and the 14-3 Chiefs have proven themselves to be the best teams in the league. They are both led by MVP candidate quarterbacks who have been pushed into the limelight as the league’s best. Before Patrick Mahomes II and Jalen Hurts were on their way to competing in the Super Bowl, they were small town Texas quarterbacks with a lot of promise. These two Texans grew up 200 miles apart from each other and were both Big XII rivals in college. Graduating just three years apart, Mahomes and Hurts could very possibly become league rivals. 

Texas holds the record for the most NFL players produced for the league, and on sunday, nine of those players will be playing on either team. No matter the preference for either team, it is still a good idea to support Texas players. Whether it is with the Mahomes led Chiefs or the Hurts led Eagles, Texans surround the Super Bowl and the NFL as a whole.