Long-awaited Adam Sandler day to finally make debut


photo or infographic by Gracie Brumlow

FINALLY HERE. STUCO has proclaimed 2/22 as Adam Sandler Day. Dress like your favorite character or the funny man himself.

In honor of the golf team, the student council will be holding a dress up day with quite a unique theme. Adam Sandler day will be held on Wednesday, and students will be encouraged to find some fun costumes to support the golf team. 

“It was a dress-up day that several students saw on TikTok and wanted to recreate,” StuCo sponsor Amber Brumlow said.”We figured in honor of golf, we could bounce off of the “Happy Gilmore” movie and connect the two.” 

Most people associate dress-up days with football or holidays, but part of StuCo’s mission this year is to give recognition to all of the organizations on campus through eccentric theme days.

“We are doing it to celebrate the golf team,” senior and StuCo president Kolby Sebastian said. “I feel like they get overlooked, and I feel like it’s a way to do just a funny theme that has been really popular over social media. I’m so excited to bring this to our school because it is so fabulous and so fun.”

The idea is to dress up as adam sandler, be it himself, or one of his many characters. Students and staff may be as creative or simplistic as they would like with their fun ideas. 

“It was Jessica Holiday’s idea to do Adam Sandler day,” senior Peyton Sewell said. “For Adam Sandler day, I’m going to wear big, baggy neon shorts and a superman t-shirt.

Some people have been looking forward to the event since it was first talked about at the begging of the year, and many have already picked out their costumes for the day. 

“I had a lot of ideas, some more extravagant than others,” theme-day expert and English teacher  Christopher Slovak said. “Trying to make it cost-effective I decided on doing the waterboy, so I will dress as Adam Sandler for the water boy, and I will attempt to speak like him for the entirety of the day to stay in character. One thing that also crossed my mind, however, is not just picking one character, but doing a whole bunch of them, like wearing a waterboy jersey, but also dressing like Billy Madison by splashing water on my pants to make it look like I peed myself. Things like that to have multiple of his characters all into one might be fun.”