Chocolate, hearts, roses fill halls in celebration love


photo or infographic by Julia Humphries

FUN AND GAMES. At the Valentine’s Day party sophomore Samantha Kramer and senior Lizzie Moore dance and play with balloons. StuCo plans a party each year celebrating Valentine’s Day with students of Champions Academy.

Valentine’s Day is a holiday created for representing someone’s love for one another through small acts of kindness. There are so many different ways to show kindness on this holiday, and reveal hidden love for someone else. But this day became one to truly remember for more than just the students receiving chocolates and roses, but for the teachers and further members of the community that spent their Valentine’s Day with other plans.  

Valentine’s Day is sometimes meant to remain a simple holiday represented with the most authentic kind of love. 

“To me, the best part of Valentine’s Day is from a child’s perspective,” art teacher Amber Brumlow said. “The hand-cut hearts, candy, funny puns on cards and handmade decorations.” 

Valentine’s Day can be spent in many different ways, and making someone’s day special on this holiday comes from simple acts of kindness. 

“I spent my Valentine’s Day working at Pizza Shack,” sophomore Connor Gustin said. “It wasn’t super busy, and I made a lot of tips, so it made the day a lot better.” 

Turning a negative into a positive with a simple change in preparations. 

“When I see the opportunity to twist a stressful situation and make it enjoyable, I act upon it,” Brumlow said. “Last year was simple, because I was learning the do’s and don’ts of being a StuCo sponsor. Thankfully, it was still fun for all people involved, and it immediately became a permanent event that I would keep in the StuCo line-up.” 

Taking old traditions and making them new with after school hours toward compositions in this special holiday. 

“This year, I wanted to share the fun with more than the LIDS students,” Brumlow said. “Our decorations of hand-cut hearts and a banner with cheesy Valentine puns were hung in the cafeteria the night before Valentine’s Day so all Wildkats could enjoy the decorations throughout the school day.” 

Valentine’s Day is meant for first times and special moments with loved ones. 

“This was my first Valentine’s Day with a Valentine,” senior Janice Talley said. “So that made it special, even though it wasn’t overly hype like the movies portray it.” 

Beyond the classroom, StuCo took the next step in creating a time meant for joy and fun on this holiday. 

SELPHY STATION. Using a printer purchased with a WISD Educational Foundation grant, freshmen Ashely Briones and Sujeidy Ortiz print pictures from the photo booth as mementos from the StuCo party. (photo or infographic by KE Rushing)

“We had a craft table with foam hearts, cookie decorating, bingo, dancing, balloons and a photo-booth thanks to Ms. Meachen’s Selphy machine,” Brumlow said. “It was a blast and our guests of honor had smiles a mile wide. StuCo students and the adults that came to join in the fun were able to relish in the nostalgic joy of a Valentine’s Day party.” 

A little bit of laughter and kindness goes a long way. 

“It was an event that was good for the soul and has brought a needed uplift for the hard work that StuCo members contribute to the campus,” Brumlow said.