Bowlers on a roll, aim for state competition

Team competes Sunday at Time to Spare in Conroe


photo or infographic by WHS Alleykats

REGIONAL BOUND. The team and four individuals will compete at regionals this weekend.

Regional bound with unbreakable bonds. A team filled with their friends that enjoy the company and competition late into the night. Their competition is bowling, and the friends that form the team prepared to face their competition have found victory against their opponents and are on to tougher battles.

The Alley Kats bowling team has advanced to Regionals through their hard work during practices being implemented into their competitions. On Sunday, the team and four individuals will work to qualify for state. Jayden Butcher, Conner Matthews, Kael Capps and Jaslyn Fox will compete on an individual basis as well. 

Success was in their focus, and their focus was formed in perfecting the little things that make the biggest difference. Ultimately, that dedication and determination to achieve their team goals led them to becoming regional qualifiers. There were approximately 22,000 pins scored this season and the team won by a mere 22 pins.

“I’m so happy that we all made it to regionals,” senior Jaslyn Fox said. “We practiced every chance we got really hitting our targets and getting spares. My coach always said ‘spares are how you win’ and that’s how we made it.” 

Accomplishing goals as a team is a feeling that makes impacts on everyone differently. 

“I am extremely happy not for myself but for my team,” junior Conner Matthews said. “We all knew we had to pull it together to close out for the year, and we succeeded. The teammate I’m most proud of for their role in stepping up to the plate is Kael Capps, he did fantastic.” 

Senior year is coming to an end, bittersweet memories begin to envelope soon to graduate Alley Katz. 

“It made it special and bittersweet,” senior Anai Rivera said. “I have created such a great bond with my teammates. I will never forget the late nights at 300 Bowl with my friends, that I love so much. I will always be proud to be an Alley Kat.”