Mathletes join together for national honors group


photo or infographic by Julia Humphries

PUTTING THE FUN IN FUNCTIONS. Mu Alpha Theta is an organization that centers around all things math.

by Julia Humphries, VOW staff

The international organization with more than 2,400 members, Mu Alpha Theta, has come to the school. With a goal for students to openly express an interest in mathematics, the club makes the previously negative connotation towards mathematics turn into something with a favorable reputation.

“Our goal is to spread positivity not only about math but in all aspects of life as well,“ Mu Alpha Theta sponsor Jennifer Mitchell said. “We are so excited to be the first year to create a positive persona surrounding math, as well as be able to spread positivity in all aspects surrounding the school.”

Mu Alpha Theta is an organization that has been around since 1957, when it was first formed at the University of Oklahoma. While the math honor society has been around for decades, it is new to school this year.  It is sponsored by math teacher Jennifer Mitchell.

Like other organizations, Mu Alpha Theta will hold a banquet consisting of a dinner and an induction for members. The event will be held alongside the National Honor Society.

“Currently, we have our induction/banquet planned tentatively for May 1, 2023,” Mitchell said.

The positivity-promoting club benefits many by shedding new light on math, showing that the stigma around math are not all there is to the subject. This organization may appeal to a wide range of people across campus. Those who want to become a member will have to wait until next year as the cutoff has passed and will have to fit the prerequisites to join.

“The deadline to join has passed, but students will be able to join Mu Alpha Theta the following year in the fall,” Mitchell said. “The requirements needed to join Mu Alpha Theta consist of completing Geometry and Algebra 1 with an average GPA of a 3.0+ in these classes and maintaining a 3.0 + in all math courses.”