Fame proves spookier than phantoms in Netflix’s We Have a Ghost


photo or infographic by Netflix

SET YOUR SPIRIT FREE. A family moves in a new house and find more than they anticipated in Netflix’s “We Have a Ghost.”

“We have A Ghost” is not your typical horror film that gives you nightmares, instead the director, Christopher Landon gave the audience a funnier take on the movie. Kevin, played by well known Anthony Mackie, moves into a house with his family. Little did they know they would become internet sensations with a ghost named Ernest haunting them. The movie is recommended as an adventure or comedy film, not made to scare anyone instead to have a laugh with your family or your friends.

It starts off as a really eerie movie, but once they actually meet the ghost they see there is nothing to be scared of. If anything, the ghost named Ernest is more scared of the family. The town begins to see Ernest around town trying to confront him with signs and messages as the family of the home begins to search everywhere for the reason of why Ernest is a ghost. Asking Ernest if he can remember his life before becoming a ghost, the family researches all over the history of the house finding about his family.

As the internet sensation becomes more popular he also begins to see the downside of being an internet sensation, when everyone tries to look for Ernest and cast him out for being a ghost. The CIA begins to look into the ghost and puts a search out to capture him. This is where things take a turn for the movie as we all thought it was a horror movie, it slowly becomes an adventure/action movie where the family and the ghost become wanted by the government.

We Have a Ghost is available to watch on Netflix.