In-N-Out adds quality, value to area fast food options


photo or infographic by courtesy of In-N-Out Burgers

CALIFORNIA DREAMING. The addition of In-N-Out to the local fast food options brings a bit of the Golden State to the area.

The burgers cook perfectly on the hot grill. A piece of cheese added onto the patty along with the most wonderful sauce, adding the perfect amount of flavor. The fries are freshly cut and cooked. Recently, the California food chain, In -N-Out, opened a location down in the Woodlands. 

In -N-Out is one of the best fast food restaurants in the country and anyone who lives near a location should go try it if they haven’t already.

One reason why In -N-Out is one of the best places to eat is because it has cheap prices. Recently fast food restaurants have become as expensive as some sit down restaurants. A person can get a really good sized meal for less than $10. A person can get a double-patty cheese burger for the price of $4.85.

The food that the restaurant provides is good quality. Not only is it cheap, but the quality is that of a typical sit down restaurant. However, to make the most of a visit, the best way to order the burger and fries is by asking them to be animal style and to get a spread sauce on the side. The animal style on the fries is the best though. It comes with melted cheese on the fries with onions and the spread sauce on the top. 

Not only does the company serve amazing food, but it also is a faith-based brand, which is incredible. The In-N-Out  Burger Foundation works to assist victims of child abuse and works to prevent abuse from happening. They also stand and donate to important causes, such as standing against human trafficking.

Overall, for someone who likes burgers and fries, In N Out Burger is the perfect place to go with their cheap prices, good quality food and amazing message and service.