Welders create projects, mold futures with skills

For five months, the projects have been taking shape in the welding shop. They may have started as tanks and random pieces of metal and wood, but each day, as the students learn and practice their craft, the projects look more and more like their intended final look.

Members of the welding classes are going to show their trailers at the Montgomery County Fair March 25, 2023. They have learned skills, used their creativity and showed major grit while crafting their projects. 

Having the ability to make whatever you want, whenever you want, has proven to be a good tool to have. Becoming a certified welder provides students with knowledge that lasts a lifetime.

“I like making stuff and it’s hard to find somebody to make something for me for cheap,” junior Robert Warren said. “So I can make whatever I want.”

Welding can bring people together, allowing them to create something out of nothing and strengthen themselves as well, for their careers.

“Welding is an opportunity for you to achieve something,” sophomore Mark Smith said. “If you get your stuff done for it you can probably get a job from it.”

A spark of creativity can create something even more amazing than what is believable and it allows you to express yourself in so many different ways.

“Welding means being able to show your creativity,” senior Jose Ortiz said. “And learn the basics about engineering.”

Teamwork is a big aspect of welding, having a related skill can bring people together that may have nothing in common at all.

“Welding is so fun! I really like welding,” junior Kendall King said. “It’s one of those things where you can just go around and meet new people. And if you’re good at it people will be like “Oh look, she’s really good at welding I want to talk to her.”

Last month 56 welders earned AMS certification. This is just one goal of the program throughout the year. CTE courses allow school to be more than core classes, the classes train them for life beyond the wall of the school.

“I realized I’d be the first certified female student welder in Willis,” junior Kendall King said. “I was like dang I got a reputation to uphold. I better get good and the process of getting my certification really helped me.”

While laying a bead all distractions leave. The practice of welding brings a sense of calmness for students when working. 

“Welding is very relaxing, whenever that hood comes down you don’t have to think about anything else,” junior Kelsey Hickmon said. “ You just focus on whatever you’re doing right there and what you’re making. It’s like you’re in your own little world. You don’t have to worry about anything else going on around you. It’s just you and the weld.”