Wildkats claim bi-district title with 3-2 victory over Aldine

Team plays tonight at Woodforest Stadium


photo or infographic by Emily Meachen

MIND ON THE GAME. After scoring the first goal at the game against Aldine, the team takes their places on the field.

Defeat will not steal their focus. Defeat will not take this team.

Each victory they secure reminds them of the sweat they spent during hours of practice under the burning sun, the energy they put into each rep in the weight room, and each struggle for one more goal to win the game. Defeat is a feeling the varsity girls’ soccer team does not know as they overcome 80-minute games and opponents that seek to knock them down, but still, each time they end in victory moving forward in district and rising above the competition. Defeat is the enemy, and it will not invade the minds of this team.

The varsity girls’ soccer team has advanced to the second round of district finals as they won their bi-district game last week. The game will take place on Tuesday, March 28, at 7 p.m. at Woodforest Stadium against Tomball.

“I expected us to make it past the first round and just for everyone to play hard,” senior Vivienne McConnell said. “It feels really good to go farther than we did last year, and I am excited to see if we can carry this momentum into the Tomball game.”

SOCCER SMILES. Sophomores Summer Clark and Presley Wood share a special handshake as the team is announced. The 3-2 play-off victory resulted in a bi-district title for the team. (photo or infographic by Emily Meachen)

Many things go into preparing for a game, and for McConnell, rest, a successful mindset, and focusing on a goal are all things that work.

“I’m preparing for the game mostly through rest and recovery but also just by getting into the mindset that we can succeed,” McConnell said. “My expectation is for it to be a good, competitive game, what’s motivating me to keep pushing hard is to be the first girl’s soccer team in Willis to make it to the third round l.”

Soccer is a competitive sport that requires a team effort to succeed, so the team knows it has to dedicate itself to rise above the competition.

“Going into district, I expected us to work hard and push for what outcome our team wanted,” junior Jordan Montgomery said. “I expected us to have to fight to get where we wanted and as far as we wanted.”

After playing and winning against the last team, the players know where they need to improve and focus on in order to beat their next opponent.

“I think we are just preparing by taking care of our minds and bodies and working on the mistakes we made Friday night,” Montgomery said. “I’m not sure about my expectations for the game against Tomball. I know they have the skill and we can’t come into this game with low expectations. It’s going to be a challenge and we have to fight if we want to win. I’m very excited and I think we can do it.”

The one thing that Montgomery is focusing on is winning the next game against Tomball where she’ll be able to show the resolve and effort she and her teammates have put in this season.

“I feel like we deserved our win last Friday, we have worked so hard this year to be better as a whole team and we have shown that hard work through our wins,” Montgomery said. “We have put so much work, effort and time into this season I think that we worked very hard for that win Friday. I am excited for this upcoming game against Tomball; I’m excited to see the outcome and see us work as hard as we can to come out with a win.”