Lana Del Rey changes the music industry once again



When one searches the internet to find an artist that has something new and different to offer, one might find peace in Lana Del Rey. Del Rey can sway any audience with her whispy-voiced melodies and relatable song topics that other artists are afraid to approach. Del Rey knew what her fans were looking for when she announced the production of a new album titled, Did you know that there’s a tunnel under Ocean Blvd- a compilation of her music relating to her views on family, fame and shattered love. 

Del Rey starts the album with a slow song, The Grants, about her family life, and ends the journey with a catchy song, Taco Truck x VB, about her lover whom she met at the local taco truck and references her past work from one of her most popular albums Venice Bitch. Throughout the albums, there are some key songs that one cannot live their life without hearing. One song that is undeniably beautiful and almost religious experience is Let the Light in(Feat. Father John Misty) in which she tells the story of an on-and-off relationship between her and an unknown man that cannot end due to the love they have for each other. 

Did you know that there´s a tunnel under Ocean Blvd, effectively proved that Del Rey can do it all. With songs ranging from depressing to enlightening placed strategically in the tracklist, it’s obvious that she knows how to do her job. Advertisement for the album was sprinkled faintly throughout the world, but not nearly as much as other artists-word of the album spread from ear to ear. Del Rey’s fame and allure speaks for itself when one realizes that her work makes headlines with little effort.