Fields of Faith welcomes all students to Yates on April 3


photo or infographic by courtesy of FCA

FIELDS OF FAITH. The second annual Fields of Faith is Monday, April 3 at Yates Stadium.

The worship-based event’s turnout surpassed what was expected as an abundance of members of the community showed up. Fields of Faith is remembered fondly by last year’s attendees. Now, the event is coming again with open arms to the public.

On April 3rd, Fields of Faith will be hosted at Yates Stadium. Over 20 churches are supporting the event, from contributing activities to additional staff. Whether someone is religious or does not have a close relationship with God does not matter; everyone is welcome to come. In addition, there will be food, beverages and tons of fun activities for everyone to enjoy. The idea behind the event is to celebrate Jesus Christ and share faith with others.

“The purpose of Fields of Faith is to connect to the community and to show people how good God is and to have appreciation for him with fellowship and family,” sophomore Gabrianna Mize said.

Last year people from all across the community came and participated. From ages six to sixty, the event was filled with people from Willis. Anybody who wants to be a part of this can show up to the event.

“Students should attend Fields of Faith because it’s a great way to interact with your community, and you get to receive a close relationship with God,” senior Janice Talley said. “Even if a student is out of relations with God, they are more than welcome to show up, enjoy the community, get free food, and simply experience God’s light shine upon Willis, Texas.”

At fields of faith, there will be barbeque cooked on the spot at the event, sides and refreshing drinks for everyone to enjoy. Those who attend can expect music, worship and prayer. There will also be fun activities and even raffle prizes, including Airpod Pros, laptops, tablets and more.

“At Fields of Faith, there are games, food, tons of activities, worship, student testimonies, and prayers,” Mize said. “Tons of people come together and worship God and have fellowship with each other.”

There will be guest speakers that share their personal experiences with the Lord. These encounters uplift not only the spirits of the speaker but the audience as well.

“Last year at Fields of Faith, I got to share my testimony, and so many people came up to me and reminded me of how strong and proud I should be of myself,” Talley said. “It was just a great reminder of the people around me and how much love I genuinely deserve, and it was so good to be reminded of that. I was also impacted by the amount of people who came out to support.”

Fields of Faith is advocated by community leaders all across Willis who show their appreciation for the event through support and commitment.

“This has all been coordinated with the support of our local leaders, but most importantly our district administrative staff, coaches, fine arts directors, teachers, transportation, maintenance, custodians and so many more,” FCA sponsor Coach George Lee said. “We are so excited to announce that we also have secured commitments from our local Sheriffs Dept, Constables Office, Willis PD, and our EMS and fire departments.”

The rapidly growing number of those attending the event shows the strength of the love for God within the community.

“Last year several students and myself had a vision of what this could look like here in Willis, never in our wildest imagination did we see the Man above doing it this big so soon,” Lee said.