Gym rats scurry their way into state powerlifting meet


photo or infographic by WHS Powerlifting

HEAVYWEIGHTS AT STATE. Members of the boys powerlifting team had a great showing at state.

Load the weights, hit the chalk, and get to work. The mindset is that everything is lightweight. Months of training, sore muscles, and ripped calluses have prepared these boys one of the most important powerlifting meets in their careers. Its state or nothing and powerlifters always refuse to accept nothing. 

Powerlifters pride themselves on their ability to pick up more weight in thirty seconds, than most people pick up in their entire lifetimes and the Wildkat Powerlifting team is no exception. After weigh-ins at regionals everybody was set out to hit a personal record on every one of their lifts. Four boys have stood out this season, qualified and competed at the State Powerlifting Tournament. 

photo or infographic by Emily Meachen

“I’ve been powerlifting since 7th grade,” sophomore Christian Hall said. “I have been naturally strong all my life, but I fell in love with lifting in middle school. I barely missed regionals last year and got my redemption shot this year. I qualified for state in the 220 weight class with a total weight lifted at 1500lbs.” 

These boys are in steep competition with the weight levels the best lifters at Willis compete in having ridiculous competition. The powerlifting team is still able to keep with this competition and having a sophomore be 23rd in the state brings hope for the future. 

“This is my first year of powerlifting, and I was able to make it to state,” junior Jacob Gober said. “Going into regionals, I was almost sure that I would not be able to make the minimum weight threshold that sent a competitor to state, but after thinking about how hard I worked, I pushed past my limits. I added 75lbs to my total weight in a single meet. I am excited for next year because I know I can place. This year was spent getting introduced to the sport, but next year, the competition isn’t going to know what hits them.”