Senior activities all downhill from here


photo or infographic by Emily Meachen

DANCE FLOOR MEMORIES. Seniors fill the dance floor at prom in April.

Prom, Mr. Wildkat, Senior Picnic, Graduation. These events are looked forward to by the entire class their entire high school career. Dances, speeches, plain fun, whatever it is, seniors have their favorites for all sorts of reasons.

With the 2022-2023 year in its final stretch, many seniors are beginning to plan and coordinate their activities. This year, many seniors have huge plans and many of them are just right around the corner.  

“I am super excited for the senior banquet for theater,” senior Peyton Sewell said. “I have been twice before as an underclassman, and I have watched the seniors go through it. I am looking forward to being apart just because of how sweet and sentimental the entire event is.”

While some may be excited about group specific events, most are just ready to be done with high school.

“I just want graduation to hurry up and be here already,” senior Jackson Leggett said. “But in all seriousness I am just ready for the end of a very long road to be here, mostly because I am excited for the future.” 

The seniors are always the focus of these events as they are the participants, but its also a special time for the parents who are staff that work hard everyday to make it as special as possible. 

“I am ready for the senior picnic this year,” Assistant Principal Jenny Stone said. “I really want my son Cooper to have a good time because it is off campus and usually a long awaited event.”