AFJROTC aids community with cemetery clean up


photo or infographic by AFJROTC

DOING THEIR PART. Members of AFJROTC aide in the clean up of the Rest Haven Cemetery.

The AFJROTC went to the Rest Haven Cemetery, cleaning up all the graves to respect the deceased. Remembering those who have passed is important because those people have left families and friends behind but cleaning their graves is a way to show respect. The JROTC program brought their whole entire program to clean the graves a way to show The Willis High School caring about the community.

“It’s the one place where people can remember you and sort of remember you if you’re covered in bushes,” senior Dillon Wilson said. “Because although it may not mean anything to you, it can mean a lot to people you’ve never met.”

Helping the community not forget about those who have passed is important for those families who are busy with their time. It can mean a lot to those families who can appreciate the students helping their loved one continue being remembered.

“People couldn’t even mow underneath the trees, because the bushes were so high,” senior Gabi DeLaRosa said.”It was our main priority so that people’s graves could be actually seen.”

It is a major issue to our community that we don’t have enough citizens who care about our community to clean up our cemeteries that need maintenance. It would be a good samaritan thing to do, help people’s families out in case they cannot.

“We need the City of Willis to keep maintenance when the grass and bushes get out of control” senior Bernardo Salazar said. “We need to keep those who passed memorialized.”