Students prepare for upcoming finals


photo or infographic by Wildkat Media

EXAM TIME. Senior exams starts Tuesday. All students will test on Friday.

The end of the school year means not only beaches and pool days, but it also means finals are coming up. After a long semester of hard work and late nights, students prepare and study for their upcoming exams.

Throughout the semester, students who have kept up with their notes are now able to use them to study the material they need to know for sure.

“Some ways I’m studying for my final are by going through older assignments to refresh my mind on those topics,” junior Cash Moss said. “This way I don’t have to worry about forgetting past materials.”

While some students typically prefer online resources, others would rather use hard copies.

“I annotate my books and go through and outline chapters for my tests,” senior Laci Dorough said. “I don’t do good with online resources, so I take advantage of the textbooks offered for my classes.”

Finals are a large part of the semester’s grade average, so it’s important to have ways to study, like using flash cards.

“For my finals, I like to have time to put aside to look over previous notes taken,” senior Jesslyn Perkins said. “I also find that flashcards are very helpful.”

Others plan to catch up on sleep and use their online to help them prepare. 

“I plan on sleeping, eating and studying using Quizlet,” senior Tyler Graves said.

Wanting to succeed is very important to these students, they want to put in their best effort to study, so they can make the best grade they possibly can.

“I plan on reviewing my notes from the past semester and setting time aside to study, so I can do really well on my finals,” junior Gabby Coon said. “I’ll probably go back and look through the slides that my teachers have posted on Canvas.”