Mr. Wildkat set to dazzle audience Saturday night


photo or infographic by Mr. Wildkat

ONE NIGHT ONLY. Mr. Wildkat is Saturday at 6 P.M.

And the 2023 Mr. Wildkat is…

On Saturday, May 20, numerous different students from the senior class will compete for the bragging rights to be called this year’s “Mr. Wildkat”. Students are excited for this event as it benefits the senior class of 2023.

“If you buy a ticket for Mr. Wildkat, you will get to see a bunch of funny acts and skits that we all put together,” senior James Rogers said. “It also supports the community and contributes to Operation Graduation.”

While the event is mainly to support Operation Graduation, some students are taking this opportunity to draw some laughs from the audience.

“Mr. Wildkat is going to be hilarious,” senior Cade Wright said. “It is a good opportunity to say goodbye to the seniors while watching them do some really funny stuff.”

Overall, Mr. Wildkat is expected to be a fun event for everyone.

“It is just going to be a great time,” senior Jackson Leggett said. “A bunch of funny things going on at an event that also supports the class of 2023.”

As the day gets closer and closer, many students that plan to watch the show are looking forward to it.

“I can’t wait to watch Mr. Wildkat,” sophomore Carly Paugh said. “It is definitely going to be a good show that supports the class of 2023 as well as the community around it.”

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