PHOTO STORY: Choir welcomes back members with ice cream social

Katherine Lee

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ONE, TWO, THREE – ICE CREAM. Choir director Ken Labonski joins choir members like senior Zackery Isaacks to celebrate their ice cream social event. The social took place in the choir room after school and held all choir members for an afternoon of sweets and dancing. “I am excited for a brand new year, and I am ready to guide a new group of students,” Labonski said.

EVERYBODY CUT FOOTLOOSE. Choir director Laurelyn Korfhage dances away with senior Alexis Cannon and sophomore Daniel McSpadden during the Choir ice cream social. The afternoon was filled with many line dances and singing while other enjoyed watching while eating ice cream. “I love choir,” Cannon said. “These people are my family and I am sad to have to leave it all.”

WE ALL SING FOR ICE CREAM.  Juniors Savanna Holly and Jill Burger serve fellow choir members ice cream at the Choir ice cream social. Holly is the choir president and Burger is the vice president. “I am so ready to guide my fellow Wildkat choir in their choir experiences,” Holly said. “It’s going to be a great year!”

ORDER UP. Leadership team members sophomores Lucero Garcia and Aubrianna Bazaan serve fellow choir members ice cream. Garcia and Bazaan, along with many other choir members, are part of the Choir Leadership Team. “Being apart of the leadership team makes me feel like choir is my family,” Garcia said.