Newspaper launches new magazine

Voice of the WIldkats homecoming edition is available on newsstands around campus


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photo or infographic by Kelsey Soape

Adding magazines to the newsstand outside A201, senior Ryan Springs takes a quick look at the first ever Voice of the Wildkats magazine. Since going online, the newspaper staff plans on continuing print media in magazine form.

After two weeks of writing, editing, and picture taking, they were finally here. Excitement filled the room as the staff cut open the tape and saw what was inside the packages. The two cardboard boxes completely changed the course of history for the Voice of the Wildkat staff. 

The first ever magazine was released by the newspaper staff this past week. The magazine features all of the different parts of homecoming week, and it showcases the things that make a Wildkat homecoming special. 

“When we went to an online newspaper, I did not want WHS so be without print media,” Wildkat Media adviser Emily Meachen said. “The magazine is meant to be a memento of one of the biggest weeks of the year. I hope students can look at this years from now and remember hoco 2019.”

As the staff saw the magazines for the first time, millions of  thoughts and emotions were running through their heads. 

“It is a really cool thing to be able to be apart of so many firsts for the newspaper considering it is my first year on staff,” sophomore Katherine Lee said. “It is our first magazine and our first time doing an online newspaper. It’s amazing to know that I have so much to look forward to in the coming years.”

This is the start of a new era for Willis High School media. The newspaper staff is already planning to release more magazines throughout the year, each celebrating a memorable time for the students.

“We plan on creating a senior edition for May and at least one more magazine during the year,” Meachen said. “Right now we have 400 copies of the homecoming edition, and they are free of charge, so that everyone who wants one can get one.”

Overall, the release of the first magazine proved to be stressful but rewarding for the sixteen writers at the Voice of the Wildkats. 

“The whole newspaper staff shares a love for journalism, and we took a leap towards something new with the magazine,” junior newspaper editor Kelsey Soape said. “We all worked so hard and put our hearts into this. I cannot wait to see what other amazing things we do this year.”