Deadline for Lone Star app today for sophomores

by Skylar Stepp, VOW contributor from Journalism I class

College is years away for the class of 2022, but college level classes are not. It is time for sophomores to decide if they are taking DC, AP or level classes next year.  

For those who are choosing the DC route the Lone Star College application is due today. The application must be completed to get a student ID code. 

 “The application wasn’t hard, there were just so many questions it almost took me an hour,” sophomore Georgia Everett said. “We got the information from our English teachers.”

Students are not eligible to take the TSI test on February 18, 19 and 20th if they did not get their Lone Star ID.

“I guess I’m not taking the test because I havent started the thing for the ID,” sophomore Blake Whitehead said.

Once students pass the TSI, they are able to sign up for DC classes for this upcoming year. 

“I’m signing up for as many DC classes I can next year,” Everett said.

Many sophomores are taking more DC classes rather than AP.

“I would never take AP over DC because you have to pass a difficult test to even get credit in an AP class,” sophomore Jake Nemetz said. “In DC all you have to do is pass the class itself just like we have been doing since elementary.”

Some sophomores are scared to  join a college level class. Juniors who are taking DC classes this year aren’t struggling as much as sophomores think they are. 

“I have an average grade of a 95 in all of my DC classes,” junior Brayden Wilder said. “All you have to do is do the work, and you will be successful.”