Counselors honored with National Counselor’s Week


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National Counselors Week was February 3-7. It was a week to appreciate what the counselors do for the students each and every day.

Ginger Jenkinson is the freshman counselor. Helping freshmen make the transition from middle school to high school is a big job.

“My counselor was really helpful when I first got here,” freshman Nikki Robinson said. “It was confusing, but she was reassuring and soon ended up having lots of fun.”

Karol Smith is the counselor for the class of 2022. Smith is here to help sophomores get on track and achieve at their best.

“She was very helpful when I was confused about what I wanted to do,” sophomore Jayden Powell said. “She explained what some classes were and it gave me a bigger variety to choose from.”

Junior year is when things get a bit more serious with college choices and AP/DC classes. Tricia Neumann talks to the students and helps them decide what is best.

“She was amazing. I emailed her, and she got back to me the next day,” junior Oscar Gonzales said. “She got my schedule changed fast. She was really nice, and I thank her for that.”

The senior counselor Kristin Coleman has a lot on her plate. Helping the students be prepared for the real world after high school takes a lot of preparation. Coleman does her best to help each student.

“As a senior, my counselor has helped me prepare for the future a lot,” senior Sadie Blair said. “She showed me which classes would be most beneficial for the major I want. The counselors have made senior year much less stressful by helping make up a plan for my future, and I’m really thankful.”

Lori Van Dresar is a counselor specializing in helping seniors as a graduation adviser. She helps the students understand even more than they would on their own.

“Without the counselors, I would be so beyond lost,” senior Kailee Tedder said. “Mrs. Van Dresar has been one of the biggest assets to Willis High School as she helps me plan my life after high school. The other counselors have helped me every bit as much. Without them, I would be totally lost. I’m beyond thankful and grateful for my counselors.”