Tennis brings home medals from Mag West Tournament

Piper Neumann

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photo or infographic by courtesy photo

MAG WEST MEDALISTS. Sophomore Elisa Gomez, sophomore Ryan Galsgow, sophomore Colton Land, sophomore Macy Conatser, sophomore Zoe Picken and junior Megan LeBlanc,

After lots of hard work and improvement, Wildkat tennis placed high in their tournament last Friday. They’re next tournament is Friday, February 28th. 

Overcoming mistakes makes for a win.

“Our match we played in the finals we lost the first but then we won the second and then one the entire consolation,” sophomore Colton Land said.

Placing high gives feelings of accomplishment.

“One of the best parts was the feeling of knowing you did something and that you worked together with your partner to get there,” Zoe Picken said.

The semi-finals got intense.

“It was a really close the entire time and they were really long points and we both wore eachother out,” junior Megan Leblanc said.

Leblanc soon went on to win the whole girls singles bracket.

“I got first place,” Leblanc said. “There were really close matches.”

Communication is key when competing with their partners.

“When we are both communicating with each other and staying focused and not getting frustrated we do really good,” sophomore Maci Conaster said. “We got first in consolation.”

Hard work gets the wins in the end.

“Week to week, tournament results can be different,” sophomore Brenan Mansker said. “You can go from medaling in one tournament to getting knocked out the first round of the next tournament. The week after each tournament is a week of working hard to improve and learn from your mistakes.”