Senior year ‘shockingly’ expensive


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Class dues, homecoming, dual credit classes, pictures, prom and other senior activities. Seniors have a entire year’s worth of activities with much cost. Some seniors cannot keep up, but they do the best they can. Once a student pays another cost is around the corner. It never ends. 

Before high school graduation, seniors spend thousands of dollars as they prepare themselves for their future. For some students senior year expenses can be stressful, dramatic and very overwhelming. There are some students who do not want to participate in senior activities like prom so they shouldn’t have to pay for the cost of it. Seniors should have a choice on whether they should pay for it or not. Having to worry about ordering a cap and gown all the way down to the thank you letters for graduation can be a hard time for most of the senior class. 

For some students senior year expenses can be stressful, dramatic and very overwhelming.

— Katlyn Coyer

As the students prepare for the last year of high school there can be lots of excitement: planning for college, prom and doing everything it takes to make their last year of high school one to remember. But it can also be shockingly expensive. The costs may not seem to be too much, but when it’s all added up it’s easy to spend over $5,000 on activities and memories.

The yearbook alone can cost almost $90 and if seniors thinking about buying an ad or senior page the cost will be much more than that. Many of the students will hire a photographer to take those special senior pictures which will be more elaborate and expensive then the ones from pre-school. The cost for senior pictures can range from $50-$500 depending on where seniors go. Not to mention all of the SAT and ACT test prep classes or online courses that can range anywhere from $300 to $1,000. 

College application fees are going to be the least of their worries when you see how much a college trip can cost. NJ Advance Media says the average senior will visit at least five universities their senior year. Those costs can range from $15 to $2,000 or more depending on how big the university is. According to ABC Action News the cost of senior year can be up to $15,000 and be very overwhelming for both students and parents. Seniors feel that their last year of high school should be full of memories and not stressing or having to worry about how they will be able to afford any of the necessities. 

It is very important for incoming seniors to get a part time job if their household has more than one student in high school. A part time job can help a student pay for class dues or dual credit books. Seniors should not slack off because it can cost them in the long run. The year will go by fast and before they know it graduation is already there. It would be easier if there was class to teach about life after high school, but seniors must be prepared for the future.