Spring break plans filled with fun, sun, family

Charnell Haywood

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Sunny beaches, long car rides or even work. Spring break will be well worth it. No matter how a person spends it, both students and staff will always enjoy time off from school. 

With becoming a senior, certain opportunities become available like a senior trip. Some seniors take them before their final school year starts, others take them during breaks throughout the school year. 

“I’m going to Vegas,” senior Gracie Dorris said. “My grandparents are taking me on my senior year. I wanted to go to New York, but they said it would be cold. I am excited to go see Vegas shows. I’m also going to Galveston before.”

When going on a spring break trip, beaches and sunny days fill the head, but some people go to snowy areas to spend their week in the frigid air. 

“I’m going to New Mexico to ski with my family,” junior Maci Konen said. “I’ll be there for seven days, and I’m really excited to get away from school. ”

Not all trips are family trips for spring break. Certain kids are left behind by their parents, but with good reason.

“My parents are leaving me to go to Hawaii,” sophomore Grace Williamson said.”I have to practice over the break for a soccer game, but I’m still going to hang out with friends over the break.” 

With family visiting the break should fly by.

“My grandma is going to come down from Wisconsin for my 18th birthday” senior Nathan Nuno said.

With the ability to travel, the break also gives the ability to forget about school and work.  

“I’m headed for the coast,” freshman Blaine Eckert said. “I will make the most of my time off by having fun around the campfire with my friends and family. I look forward to spring break because I get a break from school work. Spring break for me starts out slow, then speeds up.”

When going on vacation, it can be easier to split payments with others also going. 

“I have a church camp and a family camp every year,” freshman Kate McDowell said. “This is very cost efficient for a spring break trip because there are about 6 families that split the cost between each other. I love going because I get to see my friends, other families and I won’t have school. I also get to see family I don’t get to see everyday.”