Socializing with social distancing


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photo or infographic by Hailey Alvarez

Communicating with friends is proving difficult during this time of social distancing. Students are turning to social media and apps.

The Coronavirus has made every one stay home making it difficult for people to see friends like they normally would. Everyone is having to stay in the safety of their homes and they are not allowed to go out freely as they wish.

A popular way to talk with friends these days is FaceTime.

“This has been a bit different,” senior Sadie Blair said. “It’s weird only being able to FaceTime and text the people I used to see pretty much everyday. However, I am grateful I can still talk to them. I can’t wait to see them in person again though, so we can go places and so I can give them a big hug.”

Others use their time in a different way. Some people are insecure when showing their face on a camera and sometimes others just don’t want to stare at a screen when they could just text instead.

“I haven’t done a hangout and I covered the phone cause family came over and my internet sucks, aka low and slow,” sophomore Guadalupe Miramon said. “I also don’t want to see all the students in the class calls, and I’ve been playing games like Minecraft and trying to watch YouTube and kinda do my homework.”

Snapchat was popular before, and now there are many people that act like it’s a regular day and just message their friends like nothing is even happening. Some decided to use Snapchat more because it kinda has an advantage against messages because of the way you can send videos and text.

“I’ve been using Snapchat because you can send chats which is like text messages, but you can also send pictures and videos easier,” junior Alicia Lowe said. “It’s a pretty cool way to interact with my friends and show them things I have been doing. The main reason is to just keep in touch since social distancing started.”

A lot of people just use their everyday apps as a way to keep up with their friends.

“I just use video call,” sophomore Jayden Powell said. “I don’t care to get any special app that is meant to FaceTime your friends. I only have two or three people that I’m okay with them FaceTiming me because I have known them for so long. There wouldn’t be much of a reason for me to download an app when I already have the apps I need for this social distancing.”