Pandemic prompts change in Chromebook opinion


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photo or infographic by Will Nye

Stacks of Chromebook wait to be distributed at he first of the year. These computers were essential when school went online during the COVID-19 pandemic.

   Before the COVID-19 pandemic and students actually were going to school, the Chromebooks didn’t seem like they had much use. Many students were slow to see the advantages to the computers and did not seem to really be a big fan of them. Now everything is done online, and without the Chromebook, some students wouldn’t have been able to do their work.

   Without these Chromebooks, some students that really care about their education may not have been able to do their work because they may not have a laptop at their home. They wouldn’t be able to catch up very well because of that. So, these Chromebooks helped a good amount of students who could have been left with nothing to study with.

   Students that are taking DC and AP must also be pretty glad about Chromebooks because taking those classes give you college credit, and they definitely need to be able to do their work or they won’t get them. The Chromebooks are very helpful to them because then as long as they have access to the internet, they are golden. AP test start online today. Without a Chromebook, some students would be out of luck.

   Now as the year is closing, and the school will start picking up these computers, the opinion of some students should have changed. What was first seen as a hassle became a valuable tool.