’We over Me‘ focus of new student council officers

Charnell Haywood

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photo or infographic by courtesy photo

Current president senior Gracie Dorris and student council sponsor Lindsay Carey congratulate the new officers, junior Kayla Lyons, president, junior Jade Brown, secretary and junior Dibanhi Miramon, treasurer. The group was chosen by current members of the student council to lead the group and school next year.

Student council has adopted a new motto for the 2020-2021 year: We over Me. (courtesy photo)
Newly elected vice president sophomore Cole Arnold celebrates his new office. Arnold was elected to join the executive council this week. (courtesy photo)

The year has come to an end. The votes are in. The wait is finally over. The 2020-2021 student council officers are set, and the future looks brighter than ever. 

For her senior year, junior Kayla Lyons will be president.

“I’m super excited to be president and represent WHS,” senior Kayla Lyons said. “To me being president means setting aside my personal desires for our school and keeping an open mind to the desires of my peers.”

Lyons has clear goals for the year. 

“For the future of our school, I’d love to see an environment of unity and support for each other; students and staff alike,” she said. “I feel like unity is something that we talked about and wish for a lot, but I’d really love to see it come to life this year within our high school.” 

Cole Arnold is thrilled for the position of vice president as he moves on to his junior year. 

“It is so awesome; I cannot wait to connect with the other officers and bring our great ideas to the school,” junior Cole Arnold said. “It means so much to me. Ever since I joined stuco, I realized that I wanted to be an officer, and I cannot wait to make WHS better.”

The new secretary, junior Jade Brown, has plans for the future working with the new officers. 

“To be chosen as secretary means a lot to me because this is a big responsibility,” Brown said. “I’m excited to plan things and be a part of this team with Kayla, Dibanhi and Cole. I hope that we can lift everybody’s spirits in the upcoming semesters.”

As a student leader, Brown knows students are ready for things to get back to normal.

“I know this pandemic is really getting to people, but I really believe we can put in the effort and make 2020-2021 a successful school year,” Brown said. 

Junior Dibanhi Miramon is the new treasurer. She is grateful for the opportunity and is excited for the role. 

“I feel excited for what is to come,” Miramon said. “I’m so grateful to be able to help and devote my time. To me it is an important role in the student council that I love.”

Student council sponsor Lindsay Carey is confident for the future. She knows the officers chosen will do a great job.

“I am so excited to work with the student council officers next year, “ Carey said. “Each of them worked very hard this year to serve our school and community, and I cannot wait to see what next year brings. 

For the new year, the executive group has a theme. One honoring their dedication to the student body and Wildkat community.

“Our theme this year is going to be ‘We over Me’ because I believe in selfless leadership. I am extremely confident that each of the officers will live this mission each day as we work to serve the students at WHS. With the addition of a student leadership class with all of the officers, we will be able to accomplish so much more. I really believe it is a great time to be a Wildkat.”