Volleyball team uses extra time to prep for 6A play

Piper Neumann

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photo or infographic by Emily Meachen

Working on skill drills, freshman Sophie Satterwhite practices with volleyball players from the varsity, jv and freshmen teams. Games for all teams have been postponed due to the coronavirus.

As the delayed volleyball season approaches, the Lady Kats refuse to settle for less. 

The committed athletes have continuously worked hard and showed up for summer workouts and skills sessions to prepare themselves for the upcoming volleyball season starting in September.

The new freshmen have started a chapter of their lives where they get to grow and meet new people.

“Getting ready for my first season of high school volleyball is so fun and exciting because you’re meeting so many other people that have the same interest as you,” freshman Secret Carroll said.

The athletes enjoy the challenges of summer pride to stay active and the encouragement it gives to keep working hard. The team also had a work out of the day during the time away from school. 

“Summer pride has always been a big thing to me and it has always helped me stay in shape for when volleyball season comes around,” senior Bella Cantara said. “I have always worked hard, and being a senior this year makes me want to keep my hard work ethic.”

The summer skill buildings and strength training are preparing for the move to 6A.

“I think any preseason workout is very beneficial whether volleyball practice or conditioning especially moving to 6A,” sophomore Lakin Horne said.

Although the COVID-19 outbreak has pushed the season back, it could prove to be useful for allowing extra practice time.

“I am sad that we don’t get to play in August,” freshman Samantha Skelton said. “But I feel that we will be able to get more practice which will probably help us in the long run.”

Although athletic ability and strength training are important, it’s not the only thing that prepares a team for success.

“I think team chemistry is very important and we will continue to work on that,” varsity coach Megan Storms said. “I feel that playing in a summer league at Revolution has already helped with it.”

Overall, the necessity of staying active and creating strong bonds of friendships is key for the upcoming season.

“The practices and conditioning are preparing me for the season by building relationships with others and building more muscle to make our bodies stronger and healthier,” Carroll said.