Time to talk about anything but Corona

Jesus Santana

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photo or infographic by Jesus Santana

NO MORE CORONA TALK. After months and months of talk, it is time to move on to happier conversations

Let’s talk about something other than Corona. Let’s talk about the entertainment industries coming back. Let’s talk about the schools reopening and the sports teams starting back up and getting ready to play. Let’s talk about the hurricane and the fact that Louisiana is not having the best time right now. Let’s talk about something else. There are so many more things happening in the world and in school that are not being talked about just because Coronavirus is such a big deal.  

The Coronavirus has taken such a big toll on society that the world has completely forgotten about everything else that is happening. Let’s talk about something else, something more exciting, something that won’t make everyone question life or death and something that can be discussed with a younger audience that won’t make them angry or upset.

Let’s talk about something that will make everyone’s day instead of trying to suffocate them with news about the Corona and the way it is ruining everything. Talk about something else to help people feel happy and alive again, to help people realize that outside is still a thing, that they can still live life like before, just not without protection.

There is so much more to life than just Corona and concerns about life and death. Every human knows how to live and adapt. Everyone can overcome this problem if they try their best to be safe and stop worrying about the Corona. People have been through worse before and not only did they survive, but they grew stronger as a community. This is only a small drawback of the great future that is to come. Talking about something else is the first step. Yes, the Coronavirus is a serious thing but it cannot hold the world hostage forever. Follow the safety guidelines, get the cure in due time and move on. 

The theaters are reopening to raise morale, to help families go out again and to help people have a little bit of fun. Stores are open again, restaurants are open again and parks are open again. The Corona no longer is in charge. Enjoy life, live life and have fun. It is time.