‘Office Ladies’ podcast gives behind the scenes look at the world of Dunder Mifflin


photo or infographic by courtesy of officeladies.com

OFFICE LADIES. For a behind the scenes look at the world of “The Office,” check out the “Office Ladies” podcast featuring Jenna Fisher and Angela Kinsey.

by Heather Jackson, VOW photography manager

From comedy and self help to mystery and true crime, podcasts are making their way into the lives of teenagers. They go paranoid from listening to big brother and laugh their hearts out from their favorite youtubers podcast. Recently, I have been listening to the new Office Ladies podcast, and it is bound to bring smiles to my fellow fans of “The Office.”

The Office Ladies podcast by Jenna Fisher and Angela Kinsey is all about the behind the scenes scoop of the american version of “The Office.” These women played Pam Beesley and Angela Martin on the show. Each week they break down an episode of  “The Office” and tell stories about their experience and the efforts given to make the episode possible- the work in the writers room, the myriad of set design details, and even the camera angles to stay true to the “mockumentary” style of the show. They even go into the small details that paint the picture of characterization and relationships between the characters of “The Office.” 

My favorite episode of the podcast so far has been “Casino Night” because John Krasinski who plays Jim Halpert on the show is a guest star in this episode. The three of them really go in depth on everything in this episode which was a monumental turning point in the show when it was airing on NBC. They go through what it was like to be on The Office together and to shoot the show’s turning points such as the moments between the two main love interests Jim Halpert and Pam Beesly. I loved listening to them describe how the most precious scenes were shot and laughing at the jokes they had behind the scenes. 

From “The Pilot” to “The Carpet,” the episodes are roughly an hour long. Starting with “Boys and Girls,” the episodes get more lengthy and are about an hour to an hour and a half.  I personally liked the shorter episodes better and thought an hour and a half was a little too long to listen to in one sitting. The longer episodes are fine when there are different guest stars to listen to, but when it is a normal episode it is a little too lengthy for my taste. This is the only thing that I am not in love with in this podcast. Other than that I absolutely adore this podcast and everything it has to offer. 

“The Office Ladies” podcast is definitely worth spending time on. To all of “The Office” lovers out there who find themselves always wanting more, this podcast is for them. It allows fans to continue their enjoyment of “The Office” while getting the never before heard, behind the scenes, scoop from Kinsey and Fisher. This podcast is available for free on Spotify.