Remote learners turn to YouTube, family, friends for help


photo or infographic by GinElla Mire

AT HOME LEARNING. For remote learners, YouTube, family and classmates have been the best help during their time away from school.

Fear of COVID-19 & society’s reaction has pushed many students to online learning at home. For many, this was a forced decision rather than a voluntary choice. At home learners have quickly learned that learning from home means self-discipline and time management. With no teacher in the room, at home students have to must educational guidance on their own. The new way of online learning is being able to think smart about what resources are out there for self education. 

 A major outlet to find assistance on any assignment students are struggling with is YouTube. This app/site is a world-wide known platform not only for entertainment but for educational purposes. It is a major component for visual learners who remember concepts by sight and comprehend best through images and videos. Many learners could struggle with this if they have a short attention span or are unable to learn best visually.

 A secondary choice is to lean on classmates; sharing information with friends is another great way to get assistance with school work assignments. They can guide you and assist you on an intellectual grade level and will be honest if they are unable to give you advice. Students can ask a friend who is an in-person learner to provide a helping hand. The biggest downfall of not having a friend in the class to help understand, is students may fall behind in the lesson.

 Ultimately, a great benefit is asking a family member for direction. Having older siblings who have taken the class before, can encourage a student to understand what they are learning and to think outside the box. Not everyone in a family can be an asset to your learning skills.  Parents could have a harder time collaborating because they are unfamiliar with the new way of teaching and learning through technology.

 Like it or not, the current way of today’s learning is online education. At home learners must know how to become proficient and to think on your feet about what immediate resources are out there for self-education.