Student Council aims to increase campus involvement

Applications for new, returning members due October 2


photo or infographic by Lindsay Carey

LEADERS WANTED. Student Council applications are now available. Scan the codes or find the applications at the address listed.

From online meetings to a new class period designed specifically for the officers, there have been many changes in the student council program for this year, but these adjustments have not diminished the spirits of the officers. They are trying, more than ever, to keep the student body engaged and happy. 

Applications for new and returning members are available now. They are due October 2. 

The challenges posed to the program by COVID-19 has brought the team of student council officers together as one unit to overcome these unprecedented times. This has allowed the officers to think outside the box when it comes to activities. 

“In some ways, it has been a challenge to normalize things in light of COVID and the transition from online learning, but I think the need for everyone to feel more connected has been a common thread that has made our mission and goals easier to define,” Student Council Advisor Lindsay Carey said.  “While some projects or activities we would have planned for Pre-COVID cannot be done due to social distancing, it’s been fun to brainstorm new ways to make our campus feel more connected and informed.”

The officers have been connecting over the summer and strengthening their bond to make this year better than ever. 

“The student council officers have been in contact since late spring, and we share a great friendship with each other,” junior Cole Arnold, student council vice president, said. “I feel like our friendship helps without communication and also helps us get motivated.”

COVID may come with restrictions, but it can’t stop the officers from doing their best to plan activities for the student body. 

  “I plan on motivating our students by trying to plan as many school events as we’re given the opportunity to,” senior Kayla Lyons, student council vice president, said. “We want as much participation as we can get, so I think that coming up with fun ways to engage the student body is key.”

This year there is a class period specifically for the student council officers to allot them more time designated for the good of the student body. 

“The leadership class for officers has been a game changer,” Carey said. “It gives us time to plan and work on projects weekly and get so much accomplished. Because many of our members are involved in lots of activities, after school and academy time did not allow us to get as much accomplished as we would have liked. We look forward to having as many officers as possible in the course in the future.” 

For teacher appreciation week, the officers showed their thanks and appreciation by writing notes to the teachers.  

“We have been working on making the school a better place,” junior class vice president Bella Cantara said. “Writing the notes for teacher appreciation was super fun, and I loved writing every single one of them. All the teachers loved them and came up to me and said how much they loved them.”

Last year, the program received an award for their contributions to community service. 

“We were one of 371 schools out of 1258 in the state that received the recognition,” Carey said. “The community service committee planned and participated in many events for WHS and the Willis community and reported all of the activities to the Texas Association of Student Councils, who provided the recognition.” 

This year’s student council motto is “We Before Me.” It embodies the spirit of putting the good of others before one’s self. 

 “I think the “We Before Me” theme is beautiful because it reflects what is in our hearts and portrays what student council is about,” senior Dibahni Miramon, student council treasurer, said. “I think it can be implemented throughout the year by putting my peers’ needs before my own.”