Wildkat tennis shuts out rival Hornet team


photo or infographic by Georgia Rutledge

SPRING SEASON. Kats have put in a lot of practice for the spring season tournaments.

It’s Friday night, the sun is slowly setting but the game is just beginning. Players walk on the court to face up against their rival school, Huntsville. On one side of the net is the Hornets, eager to fly away with a win, but if the Wildkats have anything to do with it, they will be flying off with their stingers between their legs.  

The tennis team won their match 19-0 on Friday, September 18th against the Huntsville Hornets. 

“My mentality going into the game was that I was going to try my best in the match,” senior Emily Perez said.  Sometimes something simple like changing how the game is being played can make all the difference in who wins.  

“I had to change my game to win in the beginning because me and my partner were over hitting instead of easy placement,” senior Megan LeBlanc said. “Playing Huntsville was different than any other school we played because they did not hit nearly as hard or precisely.” 

Playing the game is not always the best part of the night.

“My favorite part was when Carlie was playing the last game of the night, and she won, and screamed ‘Let’s go Kats’,” junior Emmalee Ascheal said. “Hearing everyone scream that after someone wins is the best part of the night.” 

It does not take outrageously crazy shots to win games, sometimes all that is needed are the fundamentals of tennis. 

“I focused more on essential tennis, rather than trying to outshine the others,” junior Jenna Dempsey said. “Sometimes all you need is to focus on the basics.”  

A tennis match is not all about playing, but also about watching other teammates and cheering them on.  

“My favorite part about Friday’s match was sitting in the bleachers with my friends and watching the final match,” junior Zoe Picken said.

Playing against school does not just put a win into the schools pocket, but also lets the players realize what exactly they might need to work on to get better.  

“My favorite part of Friday’s match was my singles match because it gives me a chance to see how I do on my own and it helps me see what I need to improve on,” junior Colton Land said. “Plus, it is always good to get another win.”

It is imperative that the athlete plays with a positive mindset. If the athlete shows up and expects to lose, they will lose. 

“My mentality going into the match against Huntsville was simple; I needed to win,” junior Brenan Mansker said. “After defeating the top player at College Park, I needed to show that was not just a fluke.”