Animal Crossing, Twitch, Call of Duty fill the hours of isolation

Gaming grows during pandemic


photo or infographic by GinElla Mire

GAMING GROWS WILD. Across all gaming platforms, gaming has seen a meteoric rise during the pandemic.

The Coronavirus pandemic has forced a countless number of people into self-isolation. An endless amount of children were stuck at home bored out of their minds. Various individuals turned to video games for entertainment during quarantine.  The video game industry has increased an insane amount since the pandemic. 

For instance, Nintendo has benefited tremendously due to this outbreak. Nintendo announced a 428% increase in profits due to their well-known game “Animal Crossing: New Horizons.” They have now sold 22.4 million copies of their new hit game. 

Twitch is the most recognized video game streaming platform in the world. Twitch’s income has nearly doubled in January through March 2020 in the United States. Hours and hours of viewing on Twitch grew from 13 million to 31 million in just a few months. Although gaming is very entertaining and a great way to pass time, it is also very unhealthy.

Another big big platform is Activision Blizzard. Activision’s famous game, “Call of Duty”, is the best-selling game franchise in history. The company’s new game “Battle Royale” entry, Warzone, has recorded a remarkable number of 60 million players so far.

Overall, video games in March surpassed over 1 billion sales in gaming. The new normal is gaming around the clock and the gaming industries have unexpectedly surged in sales. The huge video games industries like Nintendo, Twitch, and Activision have increased an insane amount since the pandemic.