From zero to 21, girls golf swings into new season

Piper Neumann

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photo or infographic by courtesy photo

TRYING SOMETHING NEW. Members of the girls golf team practice at Panorama after school. They will have their first tournament of the season there today.

‘Swinging’ back into things, girls golf has been searching for players and practicing. The first tournament is Monday October 5th at Panorama. 

At first, girls golf had no players that were going to participate this season.

“Back when they first offered me this job there were no girls in the program, so on days when we came to the high school I talked to the girls who played for me in junior high,” Coach BJ York said. 

Not all the girls who have joined have golf experience.

“I never saw myself doing golf,” senior Taylor Jones said. “It is definitely a new experience, but it has been a lot of fun. I love being with all the new girls and coach York.”

The girls have already grown in the skill aspect of things.

“I think golf is really fun, and I feel like I have already had a lot of improvement in this sport,”  junior Skylar Stepp said.

York and the girls are feeling good about the upcoming tournament.

“The five girls I have playing in the tournament I think are going to do really well,” York said. “They all have great work ethics and are working their tails off in practice.”

Attention to small details will make the girls better in their sport.

“We have been focusing on the smaller details such as hand placement on the club or getting comfortable with our swings,” sophomore Lyndze Gattis said.

The girls are ecstatic for their first tournament of the season.

“I am excited for the tournaments because they are always fun and we have been practicing every day,” freshman Samantha Skelton said.

York has been pushing confidence on the girls to prepare them.

“I have been giving them different holes so they’ll know how to hit them without having to look at me every time,” York said.

The program has come a long way since the start of the year. York has worked hard to increase the number of girls in the program.

“Originally had no one in the golf class period,” York said. “Now I have five girls in the class period and 21 that are going to play for me this season.”