See You at the Pole draws students of all faiths together


photo or infographic by Brenan Mansker

TOGETHER IN CHRIST. Members of FCA invited students of all faiths to the event on Wednesday.

by Brenan Mansker, VOW Multimedia editor

As the sun appeared on the horizon, the sounds of guitars playing filled the air. The students arrived alone and in groups, surrounding the flag poles at the front of the school. Students of all faiths were there for the same reason. Their love of God.

The annual See You at the Pole was held Sept. 22 at the front of the school. FCA was joined by several local churches welcoming students to the annual celebration.

“I felt so peaceful,” junior Lagan Dorough said. “Seeing everyone wanting to worship God and voluntarily taking the time out of their day to go was so encouraging.”

The event is open to all students who want to attend. The common bond of them all is a belief in God. 

“I wanted to see everyone come together and glorify God,” Hutton Hoegemeyer said. “It’s an awesome feeling to come together with your peers to worship and pray.”  

After short messages from student leaders, songs and a prayer, the students went to school feeling ready for what lies ahead. 

“See You at the Pole was really uplifting and it made me feel refreshed,” Riiya Sorensen said. “Everyone was so nice.”

Coming together in the name of God brings students closer together. It forms a bond between the students and served as inspiration for some of the people involved.

“It allows me to set an example by spreading His word through every aspect I encounter,” junior Logan Wilson said. 

Many of the students involved this year have never participated before. After a positive experience, they plan to continue to attend the worship event.

“See You at the Pole was really inspiring,” freshman Claire Ivey said. “I would go again.”

See You at the Pole was created in the 1990s in Burleson, Texas and now more than two million students from all 50 states and more than 20 other countries participate.

“Sometimes being a Christian can make you feel a little outcast.” Dorough said.  “It was so inspiring to see how so many people feel the same way and how we’re not as alone as we may feel in a school setting.