Rewards for good grades could lead to motivation


photo or infographic by Wildkat Media

MOTIVATED MINDS. Some students need more than an A to properly motivate them for success.

by Preslee Wood, VOW contributor

Many students come to school only because they are required to. Students do not put enough effort into their assignments because they do not feel like they are getting anything in return for their efforts. 

Students should get rewards for good grades in order to promote success. 

Many students work really hard on trying to turn in good work and make good grades but they sometimes feel as though they are not getting anything out of it. Feelings like these will often make students feel unmotivated to do their work and make good grades. When students feel unmotivated they may become stressed because they aren’t being productive and their brain activity is lowered. The dangers of low brain activity for students whose brain is still developing is extremely dangerous because it may affect the maturing of the brain and can reduce the development of different life skills vital for adulthood.

In high school the only reward for good grades is the opportunity to be accepted into a good college. For many students the different college and career opportunities may be enough but for most students that’s not the case. In addition, students’ failure to make good grades will discourage them from going to college. This shows that the majority of students have no reward to help encourage their learning. 

The consequences of students not making good grades are severe. For example some students may not get accepted into a college which could make them less likely to get a steady job, leading to unemployment and homelessness. Another problem students may face due to failing grades is hardships in their homelife. Whether their parents are constantly yelling at them or they may feel like they are letting their family down by not living up to their expectations and achievements. 

Students should not be expected to stress themselves out and work overtime trying to make a good grade without anything to show for it. Teachers and administrators should work to come up with ways to reward their students for their efforts, whether it is a day off with no consequence or a movie day.